Do we only Downsize houses?


No, downsizing is only one service we offer. In addition we offer: Sorting and Simplifying belongings (attics, basements, sheds, barns, you name it), Moving Management (handling the details of sorting possessions, hiring movers, arranging for storage units, shipping belongings to various people, coordinating utilities & settling the new home), Home Closing (sort & empty all contents of a home) and Preparing property for sale  (consult with realtor, refer home improvement services if needed,  and prepare home for MLS video, and showings).


What if we just want to clean out a space but are not moving?


Sure. It may be your attic, basement, a spare room, a cottage or garage….  We will apply our same process to tackle all the “stuff” you have collected over the years.


Can we donate to our charity of choice?


Absolutely, we would be happy to work with your charity of choice. We work for you, you are in charge. The charities we work with pick up donations for free. If your charity does not do pick up we will figure out how to get items there. Worst-case scenario is there may be a small delivery fee if there is a lot going there. Our goal is to recycle and reuse all things that can not be sold. We make an effort to make sure someone can use what you no longer can.


Are you fully insured?


Yes, Trusted Property Transitions, LLC  is fully insured. We only refer insured professionals to work on a property to help ensure everyone is appropriately covered as well.


Are our services confidential?


Yes, we are completely confidential. It is your choice if you are comfortable telling people you are working with us. Our business is based on referrals, but we will not discuss who our clients are, their possessions or needs.


What can we expect from a complementary  consultation?


We will come to your house, or mutually designated meeting place, and discuss with you your needs. The consultation will be an open discussion for you to learn about us and how we work, and for us to learn about your goals. If on premises, it is likely that we will review the house and trouble spots to assess the task at hand.


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